The PC Story

After years of managing some of Melbourne’s most iconic bars and chatting with many cocktail lovers; we identified a problem that was being experienced by many people and we wanted to solve it. 

If like many, you’ve tried to replicate those boujee cocktails that you have at your favourite cocktail bar, you may have experienced how hard it can be (and how easy the bartenders really make it look). You have to research, buy bottles and bottles of spirits and spend a bunch of time measuring it all out before shaking it up! 

By the time you’ve shaken up the perfect cocktail, you’ve missed out on valuable time making memories. To combat this problem and bring a little bit of the luxury cocktail bar to your home, we’ve created a range of premium bottled cocktails that are inspired by the classics. Proudly handmade and individually batched in Melbourne, Australia; Pocket Cocktails are designed to be made by simply adding a couple of household staples. Simply add, shake and serve. 

Pocket Cocktails will make you feel a little bit boujee by bringing the luxury cocktail bar experience to you. We hope that they provide you with extra time to keep making memories, make someone smile when gifted and allow you to be your own bartender.