Shake Things up This Valentines Day.

*Please note that all cocktails in The 5pm x The Happy Box Exclusive Collection are for Pre-Order and will be shipped out on the 06 Feb 2023.

Premium Bottled Cocktails Which Are Designed To Bring The Luxury Cocktail Bar Experience To Your Home, Just By Adding A Couple Of Household Staples.

PC Packs Are Like Having Your Favourite Bartender Available At Home 24/7.

  • Select your cocktail flavour of choice.

    There are up to 8 cocktails across two collections to choose from and a flavour profile to suit everyone.

  • If shopping the exclusive collection, choose your love label. If your shopping our OG range, simply select if your wanting an individual bottle or a double trouble PC pack.

  • Cocktails will be delivered to your door. Simply follow the instructions, add the required pantry staples and shake up a cocktail like your favourite bartender.

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